Get Involved at St. Augustine

Become a Volunteer

The First step is to comply with the Diocese of Phoenix through the completion of a three hour Educational session focusing in the protection all children and young people.

Click here to see the class schedule and to register.

Parish Groups & Ministries

You are invited to join any Parish Group or Ministry you feel the call for. They all gladly welcome new members.

Ministry Eng or Esp Meeting Time Contact
Adoración Nocturna Masculina para Hombres Esp el Tercer Sabado del Mes: 10:00pm en el salón de conferencias terminando con Misa a las 7:00am  
Adoración Nocturna Femenina para Mujeres Esp el primer Viernes del Mes: 9:30pm en el salón de conferencias y terminando con Misa a las 6:00am  
Al-Anón (Non-Parroquial) Esp

Reuniones los Martes, 10:00am, salón 4

Alpha Ministry Eng   Contact the office for more information 623-849-3131
Armada Blanca Esp Rosario para Niños los Lunes a las 5:00pm en el Templo  
Católicos en Acción Esp Todos los lunes a las 7:00pm en el Salón de Conferencias  
Charismatic Praying Group Eng Mondays at 7:00pm in Room #4  
Cursillos de Cristiandad Esp


Discípulos Misioneros Esp Todos los Viernes a las 7:00pm en el Salón 5 & 6  
Encuentro Matrimonial Mundial Esp

Llama a la oficina para saber sus días de reuniones

Escuela de Biblia Esp

los Sábados: 12:00pm, Salón 5 & 6

Grupo Carismático de Oración Esp Asambleas los Jueves a las 7:00pm en el Templo  
Grupo de Intercesión por las Animas del Purgatorio Esp Rosario los Miércoles a las 7:00pm en el lobby de la Iglesia  
Grupo de Jóvenes Adultos "Generación Lux Dei" Esp

Reuniones los Viernes a las 6:00pm, Conference Room

Grupo de la Divina Misericordia Esp Reuniones de lunes a viernes despues de Misa de 8:30am en el templo  
Grupo de Novenarios para Difuntos     Victor Rangel, 623-565-1139
Grupo Guadalupano Esp Rosario Guadalupano los Lunes 7:00pm, Salón 9  
Liturgy Ministry and Care Eng Altar servers, Lector, Minister of Communion, Hospitality or Visiting the sick

Call the office at 623-849-3131

Llama de Amor Esp Cenáculo de Oración los Martes: 6:00pm y Viernes 10:00am en el templo  
Ministerio de Música Esp   Mariza Galache, 623-849-3131
Ministerio Próvida Santa Mónica Esp

Rosario por la vida y tema los Lunes a las 7:00pm, Salón 5&6

Ministerio de Liturgia y Cuidado Esp Monaguillos, Ushers, Lectores, Ministros de la Comunión, Hospitalidad y Ministro de Enfermos

Contáctese a la oficina al 623-849-3131

Retrouvaille Esp  

Llama a la oficina para mas información 623-849-3131

Soldados de Cristo Esp Rosario para Señores los Lunes: 7:00pm en el Templo  
Talleres de Oración y Vida (Diocesano) Spa  

Llame a la oficina para siguiente sesión: 623-849-3131

Youth Group Eng Tuesdays at 6:00pm in Conference Room  

Why Should I Volunteer at my Church?

That is great question! These are 10 benefits of becoming a Church Volunteer:

  1. Volunteering at the church will give your life greater purpose.
  2. Volunteering at the church will give you a broader Perspective of love, life and community.
  3. Volunteering at the church will give you the opportunity to meet new people and even build lifelong friendships.
  4. Volunteering at the church will give you a healthier self-image and a true sense that your life matters and that you can make a difference.
  5. Volunteering at the church means that you will be god's instrument of hope and love. Plus, you can help others in many ways including with your own testimony of service.
  6. Volunteering at the church will make you more generous because church volunteers sacrifice their own time and talents for the good of others.
  7. Volunteering at the church will teach you how to make better decisions about donating your time for something more than yourself.
  8. Volunteering at the church requires sacrifice and encourages you to grow in faith which will make you a better thinker.
  9. Volunteering at the church will give you the opportunity to be that good example of service for your loved ones.
  10. Volunteering at the church will one day result in a greater reward from up above. Only God will fully compensate your financial and service contributions to the church.