We Are One In Him

11-26-2023Weekly Reflection©LPi — Father John Muir

Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe

In May 2023, for the first time in almost three quarters of a century, a monarch was crowned in England. A few days later a friend of mine scoffed, “What a waste of time and energy! What is the point of a king?”

I’m a proud American who wants neither theocracy nor monarchical restoration. I like our democratic republic. But the coronation of King Charles reminded me of something needed in every person and community: confidence in the future. The king’s most basic role is to symbolize the unity of the nation. In England, the parliament members handle many of the practical duties of governance. But the king or queen can do what they cannot: embody in a single person the reality and future of a whole nation. To say, “this is our king” is to say, “we exist as a community, and we have a future.” Kingship isn’t primarily about the power of one person or family. It’s about the enduring identity and unity of the whole.

To say Christ is our King is to say we exist as a people. We are one in him. We are, and we will be as long as he is. And since he will be our risen king forever, together we have a future filled with hope. Even the best countries will finally fall. But Christ and his Church will endure forever. What good news! It’s not a waste of time to crown a king. We do it all the time. Let’s be sure to crown the right one — the one whose kingdom never ends.